One of the main goals of our workshop is to bridge the gap between Computational Cognitive & Behavior Science, Explainable AI, Transportation, and the Autonomous Driving community. Our SIAM workshop mainly targets theoretical frameworks and practical algorithms of perception, decision-making, and planning integrated with social factors and computational cognitive science to enable autonomous vehicles (AVs) to interact with human agents in a socially compatible way. Specifically, the topics are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Applications of AVs interacting with human agents;
  • Algorithms of perception, decision-making, planning for human-like AVs;
  • Cognitive aspects and models for autonomous driving;
  • Cognitive and mental modeling toward socially driving, e.g., Theory of Mind and Theory of Machine;
  • Social cues for AVs in interactive driving tasks;
  • Action-reaction cycle modeling and validation;
  • Explainable interaction and planning in interactive driving tasks;
  • Evaluation and quantification of inter-human interactions and their implementations to human-AV interactions;
  • Human driving behavior/intention modeling, simulation, and analysis;
  • Heterogeneous human-agent teams;
  • Interactive traffic scenes analysis;
  • Interaction pattern learning, extraction, and recognition;
  • Interactive simulations and humans-in-the-loop simulations;
  • Learning-based theory for social interaction among human drivers;
  • Social and group intelligence in multiple human agent interaction;
  • Spatiotemporal driving behaviors in interactive traffic scenes;

Call for papers

If you are interested in contributing, please take the following steps:
  • Select our Workshop: The 2nd International Workshop on Socially Interactive Autonomous Mobility (SIAM)
  • Submit Using the Workshop Code: SociallyInteractive
  • The remainder of the submission process will be identical to that of regular conference submissions. See more details at https://ieee-iv.org/2024/call-for-workshop-papers/.

    Workshop Paper Review: Papers submitted for the workshop will undergo the same review process as the conference papers and will be published in the same proceedings.

      Important Deadlines:
    • February 01, 2024 February 05, 2024 (firm deadline, no extension): Workshop Paper Submission Deadline
    • March 30, 2024: Workshop Paper Notification of Acceptance
    • April 22, 2024: Workshop Final Paper Submission Deadline

    Program (13:00-16:30, June 2nd, 2024)

    Time Speaker Topic (click to see more details)
    13:00-13:10 Organizers Openning
    13:10-14:10 Presenters A 5-min poster presentation for each paper.
    14:10-15:10 Presenters Interactive Poster Presentations.
    15:10-15:40 Speakers TBD.
    15:50-16:20 Speakers TBD.
    16:20-16:30 Organizers Discussion and conclusions
    Accepted paper list:
    1. Tianyi Li, Shian Wang, Mingfeng Shang, Raphael Stern*. Can Cyberattacks on Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles Be Effectively Detected?
    2. Mingfeng Shang, Shian Wang, Tianyi Li, Raphael Stern*. Interaction-Aware Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed-Autonomy Traffic.
    3. Wissam Kontar, Yongju Kim, Xinzhi Zhong, Soyoung Ahn*. On the Need for Personalization in the Design of Autonomous Vehicle Driver Models.
    4. Frederik Werner*, René Oberhuber, Johannes Betz. Accelerating Autonomy: Insights from Pro Racers in the Era of Autonomous Racing - an Expert Interview Study.
    5. Kaifeng Wang*, Qi Liu, Xueyuan Li, Fan Yang. AF-DQN: A Large-Scale Decision-Making Method at Unsignalized Intersections with Safe Action Filter and Efficient Exploratory Training Strategy.
    6. Juhui Gim, Changsun Ahn*. Integrating Intrinsic Reasoning and Negotiation Mechanisms in Driver-Driver Social Interactions.
    7. Chaopeng Zhang*, Wenshuo Wang, Zhaokun chen, Junqiang Xi. 100 Drivers, 2200 Km: A Natural Dataset of Driving Style Toward Human-Centered Intelligent Driving Systems.
    8. Efimia Panagiotaki*, Tyler Reinmund, Brian Liu, Stephan Mouton, Luke Pitt, Arundathi Shaji Shanthini, Matthew Towlson, Wayne Tubby, Chris Prahacs, Daniele De Martini, Lars Kunze. RobotCycle: Assessing Cycling Safety in Urban Environments.
    9. Golam Md Muktadir, Taorui Huang*, Srishti Sripada, Rishi Saravanan, Amelia Yuan, Jim. Whitehead PedAnalyze - Pedestrian Behavior Annotator and Ontology.
    10. Vladimir Maksimenko, Xinwei Li, Eui-Jin Kim, Yi-Shin Lin, Prateek Bansal*. Advantage of Video-Based Moral Machine Experiments: Evidence from Brain Data in the Moral Dilemmas Faced by Autonomous Vehicle.
    11. Yuhao Luo, Kehua Chen, Meixin Zhu*. GRANP: A Graph Recurrent Attentive Neural Process Model for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction.
    12. Qi Liu*, Yujie Tang, Xueyuan Li, Fan Yang, Xin Gao, Zirui Li. SIF-STGDAN: A Social Interaction Force Spatial-Temporal Graph Dynamic Attention Network for Decision-Making of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

    Invited Speakers



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